Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Granny Smith

Granny Smith is a cool game. I downloaded the free version of this game earlier and got addicted to it and decided to buy the full version. Well it is one of the games you will always want to keep in your phone for casual gaming.

As the name of the game suggests it has to do with the granny and the granny smith (green apple). The mission of this game, you as a player plays the role of a granny who is hell bent to save the apples from a thief who is always behind the apples and does not leave any chance of stealing them.

The granny knows some cool tricks and can give a tough completion to thief :). She can jump, glide on the ropes, break walls and glass without getting hurt.

The graphics and visuals are eye catching and it traverses you through the city landscape, zoo, carnival etc. The advanced levels take you to outer space, but the main objective remains the same that is save the apples from the thief.

The music and background theme is very good. The game also has a feature to replay your played levels in old movies style (sepia effect) which adds value to the overall experience.

Here are some screen shots of the game.

Granny Smith: The opening screen
The opening screen

Granny Smith: The flashback movie
The flashback movie

Granny Smith: Various game levels
Various game levels

Granny Smith: The instructions
The instructions

Granny Smith: The factory level
The factory level

Granny Smith: Outer space level
Outer space level

How much it costs you: 1 US $ (approximately).

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