Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good news for Google Chromecast users

Google Chromecast: Screen cast
Google Chromecast
Good news for the Google Chromecast users. The latest update to the Chromecast app for your smartphone unlocks the "Cast Screen" feature. If you are wondering what is this feature all about and if it is not clear enough by the name, through "Cast Screen" you can project you smartphone's screen on your smart HDTV through Wi-Fi.
If you are thinking what's the big deal about it, just imagine what you can do with this feature. You can view pictures, movies which are stored on you smartphone directly on you TV without any wires. And what more, for game enthusiast like me, you can project the game directly on your TV and enjoy it on the big screen that too with sound.

My experience with Cast Screen feature

I used cast screen feature with my humble Moto G 1st gen and it worked beyond my expectations. I enjoyed playing a few games and browsing with more or less satisfactory performance. Though there are some minor glitches as screen cast sometimes slows down or even freeze depending on you network bandwidth, it is still a much awaited feature.

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