Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quarterly roundup: Top blog posts from January to March 2014

Quarterly roundup of the posts from January to March 2014 on the top apps / games available on Android.


1. Contra Evolution: Do you still have the courage to fight?
Now a days we have access to the latest and the greatest 3D games and we all like these too but still Contra has a permanent place in our memories. Contra is back again as Contra Evolution on Android with better and improved 3D graphics and touch screen controls but under the hood it is still the same old and our beloved Contra.

2. Giant Boulder of Death: It's coming, run for your life!
The concept of GBOD game is, you control a giant boulder which is rolling down from a mountain at a high speed. There is a valley, animal grazing fields, trees, huts, people and animals and you are expected to crush them all to score points and coins. But mind you, it is all done in a comic way and there is no blood or any sort of violence shown, so it is completely safe for your kids.

3. MotoHeroz: You must be crazy to take up this challenge
MotoHeroz presented by Gameloft studio, is a side scrolling racing game. And you can be rest assured that if it is coming from Gameloft, the graphics has to be stunning. It is not a typical racing game and the difficulties in it are also refreshingly different.

4. Rayman Fiesta Run: Running was never so much of fun
Rayman Fiesta Run, is fun filled and entertaining game from Ubisoft, you do not come across such games that often. Everything from the game play, to the character, the over all graphics and the background music all have a different feel and energy, and it looks stunning on a tablet device. The game has lots of elements to keep you glued and hooked.

5. Airplane: Do-it-yourself lessons in plane flying
'Airplane' game presented by developer Quantum design will let you fly various types of planes. This game is very light weight and loads in a jiffy. The game graphics are good enough and gives you just the similar view as you see from the plane window. It feels really great when your plane starts running on the runway and just when the runway is about to end it lifts off and starts to ascend.

1. Actual Movie Trailers: Look no further for movie trailers
Looking for upcoming Hollywood movies trailers on internet? Then you will agree that it is a time consuming and frustrating experience to find good quality trailers that too at one place. Get 'Actual Movie Trailers' app on your Android device and look no further.

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