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Manuganu: fantastic running game with difference

There used to be a very popular and successful animation series named as Jungle book, in which the central character was a little jungle boy named Mowgli. This series was based on the stories of English Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling. Why I am telling this, because the central character of the game Manuganu reminds me of Mowgli.

Manuganu, a game developed by Alper Sarikaya is a 3D running game where you play the role of a little boy named Manuganu. The little boy Manuganu has embarked on a journey, which is not at all easy, he has to face lots of difficulties on his way. I have no doubt that kids love this game.

The game’s 3D graphics are stunning and eye-catching and it is more enjoyable if played on tablets and big high resolution screen (720p or more) phones.

Manuganu: game start screen
Manuganu start screen
The game is divided into three main themes, ‘Start to run’, ‘Cold Winter’ and ‘Night time’, and its difficulty level increases in that sequence. Each theme has 10 levels each. The mission is obviously to clear the current level which also unlocks the next level.

Manuganu: Three different themes
Three different themes
As you clear the level you also get stars. Each level has three objectives and depending on the number of objectives you achieve, you earn that many stars.

Manuganu: Scorecard and objectives
Scorecard and objectives
it’s a running game so Manuganu keeps on running in each level and there are just two on-screen buttons to control his movements, one to stop and other button to jump. On your way there are difficulties in the form of swinging hammers which should be avoided by using stop and go strategy, avoiding the gaps by jumping over it.

Manuganu: Avoid the swinging hammers
Avoid the swinging hammers
Moving forward you cross mountains, rivers, snow covered tracks, avoid boulders etc. While with moving forward you have to collects coins, avoid wasting time in the game and reach the finish line as early as possible.

Manuganu: Collect all the coins
Collect all the coins

Manuganu: It's cold and snowing
It's cold and snowing
In each level you get three lives. If in an unfortunate event you lose a life, there is cool animation effect which shows the spirit leaving the body. If you have any life left, the game will start from the same point where you died.

Manuganu: bad you are dead
Bad you are dead
As you move forward in the game you learn some new skills, like 'double jump' by pressing the jump button twice, 'sliding' by sliding one finger down on the screen. The one skill I like most is, the skill to fly for a short distance which can be performed by pressing jump button and then the stop button. When any new skill is unlocked, appropriate on-screen instructions are shown on 'how to use' it.

Manuganu: Avoiding fireball and monster
Avoiding fireball and monster
The ‘Night time’ theme is the most difficult one, where you have to avoid lots of flying monsters, fire balls, need to climbing up / down rope while avoiding getting hit etc. The key to succeed is to make use of the right skill at the right time.

Manuganu: Is that a dinosaur's skeleton
Is that a dinosaur's skeleton?
I really wish they add some more levels / themes to this fantastic game. Frankly speaking, I won’t mind paying for it if they ever turn Manuganu in a paid game and add more levels, but that does not mean I will complain if it remains free :).

How much it costs you: Not a single penny.

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