Thursday, August 1, 2013

Major Mayhem: running action game, great action, unlimited fun

Let me start by telling you that Major Mayhem is a bit old game, I installed it some time back on my HTC Desire S. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game completely, but as I was not completely done with it so, I decided to install it on my at that time new and shining Nexus 7 (well it is still shining :)). I must tell you it is even more fun to play this game on Nexus 7 as it is easier to target on the enemies and then because of Nexus 7’s big and gorgeous screen (1280 * 800 resolution) the scenes shown in this game look more interesting and beautiful.

Major Mayhem: The main screen
The main screen
Developed by Rocket jump games, it’s a running and shooting game, you play this game as a major who is on a 'one man army' mission to save his kidnapped girlfriend. The game starts with the president briefing major about his mission. There are three main tracks which are called worlds in the game as: Tropics, Metropolis and Desert, each world have 15 levels. As you play the levels and move forward, you start collecting coins by killing enemies. There are around 150 objectives and each has some reward (in terms of coins) associated with it, you achieve the objective you get the reward.

Major Mayhem: Three worlds for different experience
Three worlds for different experiences

Major Mayhem: Plenty of objectives and rewards
Plenty of objectives and rewards
The best thing about Major Mayhem is this game can be played completely till its end without spending any real money. All additional items in this game can be unlocked using the coins you earn while playing the levels.

It starts with the tropics world, where you ‘the player’ are dropped from a helicopter. You pass through huts, rivers, jungle etc. where ninjas are hiding and throwing weapons at you. Beware of the red ones, if you get hit by red ones thrice you die and that end the mission. To open fire at the enemies you just need to touch them.

Major Mayhem: The action begins in the tropics
The action begins in the tropics

Major Mayhem: Be alert, enemies are everywhere
Be alert, enemies are everywhere
As you complete the tropics world, you move to the Metropolis, where the enemies are sophisticated and are in suitsJ. You pass through building, swimming pools, and offices which have enemies everywhere, firing at you. The plan is to keep moving and completing the levels.

Major Mayhem: Shooting in the building
Shooting in the building
Done with Metropolis, welcome to the Desert, the last but the most difficult world.
Here you will face the usual enemies along with some deadly mummies. It takes lot many rounds of fire to eliminate a mummy. You will also face the mighty tanks and jets and it could be challenging to bring them down. If you have a better gun (my personal favourite is the minigun) it should be less difficult. Once you are at the last level you will face the main villain and it’s quite a surprise to see who it is. Let me know about it in the comments section once you reach thereJ.

Major Mayhem: Jet in action
Well, it's possible to bring down the jet
Once you have accumulated enough coins, you can visit the armory section where you can buy powerful guns, and then there are power-ups to choose and also a clothing section to dress up the major.

Major Mayhem: Major knows some cool tricks
Major knows some cool tricks

Major Mayhem: Waiting for the right time to attack
Waiting for the right time to attack

major Mayhem: The dangerous mummies
The dangerous mummies 

How much it costs you: Not a single penny.