Friday, October 4, 2013

Norton Mobile Security: The key to be worry free

Android is a great ecosystem for its users and the developers who develop apps for the Android market place that is Android Play Store. The popularity of Android Play store is such that it has surpassed all other app stores. Android also provide the flexibility to install apps directly from other sources, now that is a great thing as the user do not just need to rely on the Play store. 

Well, all this is good but being flexible also has its flip side that is, there could be some apps which are not developed with good intentions and could be stealing your mobile data, information and doing other dirty activities. Well no need to worry, there are specialist companies who develop security solutions to tackle this menace and these companies also have security solutions for Android.

Who do not know about Norton by Symantec, which develops one of the best Antivirus and complete security solution for PCs. Norton's Mobile Security provides the same level of security and solution for your Android smart device. Through this post, let us see what it has to offer.

Norton Mobile Security has a clean and simple to understand interface. As you launch the app, you see a screen with large buttons each for the main functionality. The main functions provided by Mobile Security are:
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Theft
  • Data Backup
  • Call Blocking
  • Web Protection
Norton Mobile Security: All functions in one place
Norton Mobile Security: All functions in one place
Anti-Malware function scans your device and SD card (if available) for malicious apps and code and will display the detected threats along with suggesting the next steps to be taken. You can specify the schedule of the scan as Daily, Weekly etc. As SD card scanning could take a longer time, it provides you with an option to choose if you want to scan the SD card too.

Norton Mobile Security: Scanning for Malwares
Norton Mobile Security: Scanning for Malwares
Anti-Theft if a very useful option if you usually forget you phone at cafes, restaurants or similar places or you simply want to protect your phone's personal data and prevent misuse in case it is unfortunately stolen. It provides various options like remotely locking you device or make it scream by sending an SMS to you phone.
If you are keen on finding the person who stole your device, you can use the web features of Mobile security to locate you device, enable the front camera to take a quiet picture or wipe the data from your device.

Norton Mobile Security: protecting device from theft
Norton Mobile Security: Protecting device from theft
As we know Android allows you to backup important information like contacts, similarly Mobile Security allows you to backup your contacts which can then be restored in case needed. One good option here is you can automate this task by setting a schedule to backup the data on set frequency as daily, weekly etc. 

Norton Mobile Security: Backing up contacts
Norton Mobile Security: Backing up contacts
If you are irritated by repeated phone calls from credit card companies or banks which are behind you to offer unwanted cards or loan or you simply want to ignore someone calling you, the Call blocking feature can come handy. Use Call blocking to add numbers which you want to block for call and SMS. If someone from the blocked list calls you she will get a busy tone and you will see missed call on your phone without your phone ringing Numbers from the blocked list can be unblocked anytime later in case a change of heart.

Norton Mobile Security: Blocking mischievous callers
Norton Mobile Security: Blocking mischievous callers
And finally Mobile Security also provides the Web Protection when you are browsing websites using Android browser or Chrome. It can block the sites which it thinks are harmful for you and your data. Though, it provides option to bypass the website blocking for a short period of time (30 minutes).

Overall I feel Mobile Security app covers all the security aspects of your device and coming from Norton, you are assured that it does what it advertises with high efficiency. I am using this app for more than a year now, it works perfectly without adding any considerable load on the device.
Norton Mobile Security: Protecting while you browse
Norton Mobile Security: Protecting while you browse
How much it costs you: Not a single penny for the lite version though it only provides the basic features like the Anti-Malware. You can pay 29.99 US$ to buy the full suite with all the features, which I will recommend.

If you like this post or know any other app / game in the same category, let me know via comments section.
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    1. Thanks Nathan for visiting this blog. Yes, Antivirus is a must to keep your device healthy and safe.


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