Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sprinkle is fun game which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. It is a puzzle game with lots of challenging levels.

The plot is, there are some small creatures that live in huts, and their huts are under the danger of getting burn out by the fire which broke out. The challenge is to use water cannon and try to douse the fire, and this should be done quickly, before the huts catch fire. If hut catches fire completely well the game is over. And as the water is also in limited supply, if the fire is not doused off completely, game is over.

The challenges are divided into levels which are locked by default and the next level gets unlocked only when player score 35 or more points from the previous level.

Here are some screen shots from the game. As you can see the game has some very nice and good looking graphics.

Sprinkle: Opening screen
Sprinkle opening screen

Sprinkle: Some useful on-screen hints
Some useful on-screen hints

Sprinkle: Some levels are really tricky
Some levels are really tricky

Sprinkle: Use the stones to press the buttons
Use the stones to press the buttons

Sprinkle: Nice animation
Nice animation

How much it costs you: 2 US $ (approximately).

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