Saturday, June 22, 2013

Racing Moto

Racing Moto is one of the games I installed on my HTC as soon I bought it (more than 1 year ago), I still play this game whenever I have some time to kill. And trust me, this is one game you will never get bored of.

It is a simple game (well it appears to be simple at the start) and my kid can also play it. It has some good graphics if not great. The plot of the game is, you are a bike rider driving on a freeway while avoiding the cars on the three lanes. Well sounds simple? Let me tell you, these car drivers are crazy and they switch lanes for no reason, only good thing is they follow the rules and turn the indicator light on ;).

As you progresses in the game the speed of your bike keeps increasing and so the craziness of the car drivers. As soon as your bike bump to any of the cars or the freeway side railing, your game is over.

Pressing on the screen while playing the game boosts the bike speed and also you score rapidly. There are three bikes available to choose, out of which two are locked at the start. These two bikes can be unlocked by scoring 30000 and 70000 points respectively. I am yet to score 70000 points :).

Here are some screen shots of the game.

Racing Moto: Opening screen
Opening screen

Racing Moto: Select your ride
Select your ride

Racing Moto: The freeway
The freeway

Racing Moto: On sea bridge
On sea bridge

Racing Moto: Score card
Score card

Racing Moto: You are busted
You are busted

How much it costs you: Not a single penny. 

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