Sunday, June 16, 2013

SketchBook Mobile: Fantastic drawing / painting app with professional touch

SketchBook Mobile is a drawing application with a professional touch. It offers a lot of features for the beginners as well as professional alike.

You get a range of brush styles from simple to more fancy and amazing brushes to draw the beautiful drawings, complete with the full color palette.

Layers are also available (upto 12) to create more complex and stunning graphics. SketchBook allows the user to choose a picture from the gallery or make use of the phone camera to click one, for adding those special effects.  Pictures can also be used for layers. Transparency level of layers can be controlled along with other features like rotating, scaling, moving to name a few.  

Something I noticed though, the SketchBook app itself is not that heavy, but once you start drawing especially with the help of some of the fancy brushes, noticeable lag can be observed. This is my experience on HTC Desire S (which only has single core), I am confident the latest and more beefy smartphones can conveniently handle the load.

Here are some screenshots from the SketchBook in action.

SketchBook Mobile: The Opening screen
The Opening screen

SketchBook Mobile: Various drawing options
 Various drawing options

SketchBook Mobile: The color palette
 The color palette

SketchBook Mobile: Various brush options
Various brush options

How much it costs you: 2 US $ (approximately).

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