Friday, July 19, 2013

Beach Buggy Blitz : A fantastic racing game which will transport you to a stunning island, that too for free

This is one of the games I am currently playing almost every day. I like racing games as much as the FPS shooting games, but it is a different racing game. While playing Beach Buggy Blitz you will feel like you are roaming on a lonely island with pristine water and beaches. Playing this game simply reminds me of my trip to the Island country of Vanuatu.

Even if you are not interested particularly in racing, the surrounding, visuals and locations shown in this game will definitely amuse you. Enough talking :), let's see what this game is all about.

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: Opening screen
The opening screen
Created by the company Vector Unit, Beach Buggy Blitz racing game is set on an island. This game is supported on all my devices, but I chose to install it on my Nexus 7. This was done for the obvious reasons as the sheer power of the Nexus 7 hardware and its great display but importantly due to its NVIDIA Tegra processor, as this game has some specials effects exclusively for it.

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: The home screen
The home screen
The home screen shows the options to choose cars from the garage, choose the character and modification options and power ups. You can get a 360 degree view of the car as well as the surroundings. Also you can see your high score and the coins you have in your kitty.

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: The character options
Characters options
In this racing game a pumpkin or bunny or skeleton can be your rivals :), and you can also unlock these characters through the coins you earned. Do not underestimate your rivals, they can dash your vehicle or block your way and make sure you do not go ahead of them.

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: The vehicle options
Vehicles options
At start there is only one car available to you and you can unlock the other 6 vehicles using the coins. There are various tuning and modifications options available to beef up your vehicle. Changing the vehicle color and decal is also possible.

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: Driving the car on beach
Driving the buggy by the beach
The controls are very simple and sensitive, I chose the tilt control and it took some time to get used to it. As the race starts, you will see yourself driving the car on the beach, passing through the palm trees, huts, boats the giant crabs and seagulls on your way. It is best to avoid these obstacles, because hitting them will slowdown your speed. There is a clock ticking at the top left hand of your screen and you must reach to the next checkpoint before it shows 0 to get a new lease of life in the form of few seconds. On the way you also get coins, speed boosters, health shields as bonus.

The race take you through some stunning and beautiful locations like wooden walkway bridges, mysterious caves and let you jump from frightening heights. Have a look at some of the views.

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: Impressive visuals
Impressive visuals

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: Driving in the cave
Driving in the cave with headlights ON

Beach buggy blitz the racing game: On snowy mountain
Recently I explored the snowy mountain

How much it costs youNot a single penny.

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