Sunday, July 7, 2013

Frontline Commando: D-Day

D-Day is really nice game from the developer GLU Mobile. They lately started coming up with really good 3rd person shooter 3D games. The graphics quality is top notch and the sound is commendable. Though I must admit, D-Day is not a fully fledged 3rd person shooter game but very close to it.

The plot of the game is set in WW2 at Normandy, voice overs and texts give details about the mission and some interesting facts about WW2.

There are various missions divided into 5 separate tracks. Objective of each mission is simple, player just has to finish the enemies while satisfying the given conditions to achieve the medals. The conditions can be like finishing the mission with 75% of health remaining, playing only with rifles, finish mission within 2 minutes etc.

Though the objective is simple, the game play is not, as the player advances to the later missions, game starts becoming more and more difficult and also interesting at the same time.

There are options to buy powerful ammos, guns, health packs etc. using GLU credits or medals, which can be bought with real money through In-app purchase.

Something to mention about the visuals, it is stunning, very detailed for example: the smoke effect the destruction and the locations. On Nexus 7’s screen it is a joy to play the game. And because of the capable hardware of Nexus 7, no lag / loss of frames to destroy the game experience.

Here are some screen shots of the game.

Frontline Commando: Game is divided in 5 tracks
Game is divided in 5 tracks

Frontline Commando: Various missions
Various missions

Frontline Commando: Objectives for the mission
Objectives for the mission

Frontline Commando: Anti-aircraft guns bringing down the planes
Anti-aircraft guns bringing down the planes

Frontline Commando: Eliminate the enemies
Eliminate the enemies

Frontline Commando: Moving to another location
Moving to another location

Frontline Commando: Wounded? no worries help is available
Wounded? no worries help is available :)

How much it costs youNot a single penny.