Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clay Jam: A unique game with lots of clay and fun

Clay Jam has a refreshingly different game play. Though I must admit, it appeals to kids more than the grown ups. It gives a feeling like you are playing with colorful clay all the times.
Everything in this game appears to be made of clay of different colors, be it the background or text or game characters.

Clay Jam: The initial screen
The initial screen
The plot of the game is divided into 5 different types of level. 
Each level has a hill which is occupied by a beast and the mission is to defeat the beast with the help of a rolling pebble.

Clay Jam: The hill
The hill
Each level has some unique quests which should be fulfilled to complete the level. Quest could be like to squash only specific types of creatures in a row or reach to the bottom of hill without hitting anything etc.  

Clay Jam: The quest
The quest
The game starts with a small pebble rolling on the clay hill. On its way you find some creatures made of clay roaming around, which should be squashed so that the clay gets rolled on the pebble causing it to become bigger in size. The idea is to smash as many creatures to get a bigger clay ball. The player guides the pebble by sliding her finger on it in the direction of the creatures or away from the walls.

Clay Jam: The pebble and the creatures
The pebble and the creatures
Once the pebble reaches at the bottom of the hill the beast can be seen. At this time the pebble should be rolled as faster as possible so that it hits the beast hard and throw it farther the hill. For best results the pebble should be bigger in size.

Clay Jam: The beast
The beast
Power packs are available to enables the player to collect more clay easily by converting the pebble bigger in size, or set it on fire etc. 

Clay Jam: Power pack in action
Power pack in action
Well, you can not just keep on squashing the creatures to collect the clay, there is molten lava coming behind, and if the player do not move the pebble ahead quickly, the lava will swallow the pebble and game will be over.

So go ahead and play with the clay.

Clay Jam: The end is approaching
The end is approaching
How much it costs youNot a single penny.

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