Monday, February 24, 2014

MotoHeroz: You must be crazy to take up this challenge

Everyone like racing games especially guys, as it gives you (read your inner racing driver) a chance to display your driving skills without worrying about the complexities involved in the real auto race. I am no different, racing games are my second most favorite gaming genre after FPS. Today I am posting about MotoHeroz, a platform racing game.

MotoHeroz presented by RedLynx which is a Gameloft studio, is a side scrolling racing game. And you can be rest assured that if it is coming from Gameloft, the graphics has to be stunning, but what's more surprising, MotoHeroz game is quite light weight and it loads very quickly without forcing you to look at the never ending loading indicator.

It is not a typical racing game and the difficulties in it are also refreshingly different. It may appear to be an easy to play game but it's not, in-fact it is quite tough especially if you are looking to score high in a game level. 

At the launch screen you get the usual options to: start the game, upgrades, IAP to buy coins and see your rankings.

MotoHeroz: Launch screen
MotoHeroz: Launch screen
Game controls
The game controls are easy to handle, there are on-screen buttons on the left hand side to tilt the vehicle forward or backward and buttons on the right hand side for moving it forward or backward. The vehicle is very sensitive to the controls which also adds to the game's level of difficultly.

At the start of the game, you are presented with the option to select your vehicle. Initially only one vehicle is available for selection and others are locked.

MotoHeroz: Select your vehicle
MotoHeroz: Select your vehicle
For each vehicle type there are five game tracks, out of which four are locked at the start. Each locked level can be unlocked by securing atleast one star in the previous level. 

As you play the tracks and beat the objectives you earn stars and coins. Stars enable you to unlock the tracks.

MotoHeroz: Select the level
MotoHeroz: Select the level
The earned coins can then be used to upgrade your vehicle. These upgrades come in three forms i.e.: top speed, acceleration and item boost. You may ask if the upgrades are really needed and the answer is, there are tracks which demands vehicle upgrade to beat the objectives.

MotoHeroz: Upgrading the vehicle
MotoHeroz: Upgrading the vehicle
Tracks are designed according to the vehicle. You drive your vehicle in dessert, jungle or in snow which is illustrated with beautiful graphics and locations. While driving you also collect some items to boost you vehicle ability. You surely need these items to move forward for example, in some tracks your vehicle must climb to a higher path and for that you need the jet pack sort of item etc.

MotoHeroz: A path less traveled
I found it quite tough to secure more than one star per track thanks to very challenging track objectives (time limit or distance traveled). It is just not about high speed but it requires quick decisions to stay ahead to finish the level and gain more stars. Moreover, it is this feeling of somehow beating the objective makes it quite an addictive game.

MotoHeroz: Jumping higher

MotoHeroz: Elevator for your vehicle
MotoHeroz: Elevator for your vehicle
How much it costs you: Not a single penny.

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