Thursday, September 26, 2013

Need For Speed - Most Wanted: Dare to challenge the most wanted

Warning: All stunts performed here are by extremely well trained professional stunt men like me. Do not attempt any stunts at any cost.

Well that was just to set the stage :) and to tell you how realistic is the game play of "Need for Speed: Most Wanted". I love racing games and undoubtedly "Need For Speed" is the ultimate racing game. It is developed by one of my favorite company Electronic Arts. 

Game Play

NFS: Most Wanted is a street racing game in which you challenge opponents from the most wanted list. As the street racing is illegal beware you also have to tackle the police vehicles. Police will do all to bust you, so you just not need to concentrate on the race but also avoid or eliminate the police vehicles. NFS gives you a chance to try your hands on the most sought after and greatest cars in the world. The graphics quality is absolutely top-notch and the game runs smoothly on my Nexus 7.

NFS Most Wanted: Launch Screen
NFS Most Wanted: Launch Screen
There are numerous race tracks in this game covering various locations like downtown or barren factories and difficulty levels. Its not like you always race against opponents, there are some races which have objectives like finishing the track in specific time or finishing the track with an specified average speed etc.

NFS Most Wanted:Race tracks
NFS Most Wanted: Race tracks
When you start playing the game for the first time you are at the end of the most wanted list. As you keep winning the races you earn speed points and prize money in dollars. Each race has objectives with associated prize money and milestones which has associated speed points. Collecting more speed points unlocks new cars and those can be bought by the prize money you earned. You can play the same race again to better your score or earn the prize money.

NFS Most Wanted:Race objectives and rewards
NFS Most Wanted: Race objectives and rewards
As your speed points grow so your position in the most wanted list and enables you to challenge the who's who on the list for the position. Your ultimate dream should be to reach on the top of the most wanted list but, trust me that's not an easy task. 

NFS Most Wanted:Challenging from the most wanted list
NFS Most Wanted: Challenging from the most wanted list
Game controls 
The controls of this game are simple, you can choose how you want to steer i.e. tilt or touch control. For on-screen options you can touch on the right side of the screen for drifting, left side for braking and on right side flick you finger upwards for triggering nitrous boost. 

Before the race starts you can choose a vehicle from your garage and even apply mods to your car to boost its performance.

NFS Most Wanted: Hit the pedal to the floor
NFS Most Wanted: Hit the pedal to the floor
The races are no holds barred so you can dash the vehicles to slow down your opponents but be ready, police vehicles can also dash your car. Remember, if you are not paying attention to the police you could be busted and your race will end.

NFS Most Wanted: I told you beware of police
NFS Most Wanted: I told you beware of police
You can get a good 360 degree view of your dream cars, apply mods and drive. Even though virtually but in NFS we can enjoy driving a Bugatti, Jaguar or a Merc.

NFS Most Wanted: Unlocking the greatest cars
NFS Most Wanted: Unlocking the greatest cars

How much it costs you: 4.99 US $ (approximately)

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  1. Hey Nice post Indeed. I have NFS 2012 in my Lappy but I haven't played it yet because of time-constraint. I wanna know that if its graphics and stages are same as the android version of this game or not?

    1. Hi Ritesh, thanks for visiting this post and blog. Unfortunately I have not played the PC version of NFS 2012, but I am fairly sure that the graphics and stages are going to be different where PC version having more evolved graphics and extensive game play. But as the Android tablets are getting better in terms of hardware performance NFS or any other game on Android will become more or less similar to their PC /console counterparts soon.