Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wingsuit Lite: Now you can fly risk-free

How many times looking at the flying birds you thought why we can't fly and enjoy the freedom? It must be so much fun without worrying about traffic and congestion. Sure, we have airplanes and choppers but still these are machines and they do not give the feel of actual flying. Glider comes pretty close when we talk about the feel, then someone invented the wingsuit and yes once you are into it, it is the closest of flying like a bird.

Wingsuit flying is considered as extreme sport due to the dangers associated with it and its not everyone's cup of tea, but do not worry the Android game Wingsuit Lite presented by Swipe Entertainment allows you to just do that without any associated risks and at the comfort of your home :). Wingsuit Lite is the free version of paid game Wingsuit Pro. 

This game is all about flying, you play as a wingsuit flier and complete the challenges presented to you in the game. The game's 3D graphics are pretty smooth, overall it is quite a light weight game and my Nexus 7 (2012) can handle it without any hassle.

Wingsuit Lite: Launch screen
Wingsuit Lite: Launch screen
Wingsuit Lite has two levels: "Valley" and "Village" where "Village" level is locked at the start and as you play the "Valley" level and complete the objectives you can get the level unlocked.

Each level has two playing modes: "Points" and "Target" and both the modes are equally enjoyable and challenging. To unlock the next level you need to earn at-least three stars. It is quite difficult to earn three stars just by playing a single mode so try your hands on both the modes to collect the required stars.

Wingsuit Lite: Level and modes
Wingsuit Lite: Level and modes
Game Play
Game play is easy if you are not playing it for the sake of stars and just flying around to enjoy the view. But to score before you reach the end of the slope is a task. The trick is to fly closer to the ground to score quickly but again not too close else the gravitational force will make sure the player bite the dust :) and gets killed.
Controls are easy and responsive, while flying just tilt the device horizontally or vertically to turn left / right or up /down. You can also try some tricks using gestures which can be learned from the help menu, well those are just some fancy tricks and will not help in anyway to gain points / score.

Wingsuit Lite: Flying over the valley
Wingsuit Lite: Flying over the valley
The level starts when the player jumps from a cliff and starts flying and as he reaches the end of the valley and opens the parachute it ends. In target mode, you need to score a specific target to get stars and in points mode, players needs to pop maximum balloons floating around to get stars.

Wingsuit Lite: Medical report of the flier after the accident
Wingsuit Lite: Medical report of the flier after the accident
Once you secure the minimum required stars the next level gets unlocked.

Wingsuit Lite: Unlocking of Village level
Wingsuit Lite: Unlocking of Village level
In Village level, you fly over a scenic village where the huts can be seen along the river banks and some small bridges over it. This level can also be played in target or points mode.

From the options menu you can choose to see the recording of your last played level and its quite interesting as you can view it from various camera angles. 

There are few more levels but in the Wingsuit Lite version you have access to only two levels. You can buy the paid version to unlock all the levels.

So do not wait, download this game and get ready to fly.

Wingsuit Lite: Flying over the scenic village
Wingsuit Lite: Flying over the scenic village
How much it costs you: Not a single penny for the Lite version and 1 US $ for the paid version.

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  1. The tricks do add to your score. While you are flying close to the ground doing a trick increases your score multiplier.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Padaxes. That's an excellent tip because otherwise it is quite difficult to score high in this challenging game.

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