Friday, November 1, 2013

Monthly roundup: Top blog posts of October 2013

Monthly roundup of the posts from the month of October 2013 on the top apps / games available on Android.

1. Little Galaxy: Are you ready for space travel?
Little Galaxy developed by developer Bitmap Galaxy is an Android Arcade game set in space. In this game you play as a young boy jumping from one planet to another in his journey. Little Galaxy game is quite light weight but the 3D graphics are pretty cool and gives a realistic feel of planets and stars.

2. Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame: Return of the classic prince
Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame: Ubisoft has launched one of the classic Price of Persia title Shadow & Flame with new age stunning 3D graphics and touch screen friendly controls. You as the Price of Persia starts your adventurous and dangerous journey to save your princess from the captivity of evil Jaffar.

3. Stickman Base Jumper: Take a deep breath and jump
Stickman Base Jumper: Developed by Djinnworks is a lightweight but additive game. If you fancy of base jumping like Mr Cruise as he does in Mission Impossible series, this game gives you the opportunity to just do that.

1. Norton Mobile Security: The key to be worry free
Android being such a flexible ecosystem has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main challenge is to protect phone from malicious apps and websites. Norton Mobile Security comes to your rescue to secure your phone and does its duty wonderfully. One of the best anti-virus and complete security solution available on Android.

If you like this post or know any other app / game in the same category, let me know via comments section.
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