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Quick tips and tricks for Moto G

This post is dedicated to tips and tricks related to Moto G. It is now around 3 months I am using Moto G and it is a very satisfying experience for me. Moto G is one of the best handset with great performance and stunning screen in its price range. While using it I came across few features / issues which I was unaware of and I had to google for it. So, I thought of writing this covering post.

1. Using USB On-The-Go (OTG) with Moto G and related issue

I believe most of us know about USB OTG, still I will talk a little about it. USB OTG is the specification through which your device can act as a host to devices which have USB interface for example, your humble pen drive or digital camera etc. So, your android powered phone if it supports USB OTG (Android version 3.1 and above support it but not on all devices) can act as a host to your pen drive, this enables you to transfer data to and from the pen drive directly, eliminating the need of a computer.

As you will agree this is a very nice feature and comes handy. All you need is a support device and USB OTG cable (available widely and reasonably priced). I use this feature on Moto G mostly to transfer data to and from pen drive and it works just fine. The procedure to use it is very simple:

1. Just connect your pen drive to the USB OTG cable and connect the cable to micro USB port of Moto G. Within seconds Moto G detects the USB storage, now you can use any file manager (I use Astro File Manager) to access it.
2. Once you are done, first unmount the storage through setting -> storage -> Unmount USB storage, now you can safely disconnect the cable and pen drive.

Looks simple right, but there is one issue with it. As soon as you disconnect the USB OTG cable you start seeing a notification "USB storage removed" which you cannot dismiss.

Moto G USB OTG sticky notification
Moto G USB OTG sticky notification
Now the question is, how to get rid of this confusing and useless notification. One sure shot way is by restarting your device, but it is an overkill to dismiss a sticky notification.

There is one more way, long press on the notification until the "App info" option is visible, select that option and it will take you to the app (System UI) information. Here you will see the "Force stop" button, click on it and confirm. That's it, the notification is gone. It is comparatively a neat option to dismiss that notification. But as a side effect of this, you device wallpaper will be switched to factory default, though you can re-set it per your preference.

2. Enabling display of Battery percentage

This is not something every Android user care about, but still it's better to have the ability to quickly check the remaining battery percentage. There are few apps available on Play store which can display the battery percentage and these apps work just fine. Also, starting from Android version 4.4, battery percentage indication is implemented in status bar that to within the battery icon itself. There are few benefits of using the native feature instead of installing a third party app as it does not add extra overhead on the device and also do not drain the battery. 

This native battery indicator is not enabled by default and you need to follow few steps to enable it. You need to install an app "Battery Percent for Kitkat" from xda-developers from play store. This is a simple app through which you can enable the battery percentage setting on your device. You need to reboot your device after you enable the setting from the app. Once enabled, you can uninstall this app, your device will continue displaying the battery percentage. Later, if at all you do want to disable showing the battery percentage, just install this app again, uncheck the setting and that's it. 
Well, this is not the only method to enable battery percentage, but it is simpler and clean.

If you like this post and also know other such tips and tricks, make good use of the comments.

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